Nano-b Toothbrush Review


Nano-b toothbrushes, toothbrushes, oral hygiene, teeth

I love to smile and some people say my teeth are my best feature.

With that in mind I like to look after my pearly white's so when I heard there was a new toothbrush on the block - Nano-b - I couldn't wait to get my teeth round one.

There are lots of toothbrushes on the market so you might say what makes this toothbrush different than all the rest of the tooth brushes on the market?

Well first of all these Nano-b brushes* have ultra slim heads so you can actually get the toothbrush in your mouth & the bristles are impregnated with 99.9% edible pure silver and gold which is able to sterilize over 650 nasty types of bacteria.

Nano-b toothbrushes, tooth brushes, oral hygiene, teeth
Toothbrushes have never been more bling bling!
Using these toothbrushes for the first time I was really pleased with how clean my teeth felt afterwards. It was like I had gone to the hygienist! My teeth actually 'squeak' when I run my tongue over them and after a good night's sleep my teeth feel like I've just brushed them. Amazeballs!

I have a quite small teeth so finding a toothbrush that is firm enough to do the job whilst not being to big can be tricky sometimes, so I'm really pleased to have found a toothbrush that can do the job.

I've been using the toothbrush now for a month and it still looks and feels as great as the first time. 

Nano-b toothbrushes, tooth brushes, oral hygiene, teeth, White teeth, anti bacterial toothbrushes
I'm all about the teeth 
At £7.99 per brush it is more expensive than I would normally spend on a toothbrush but they do seem to do the job & have you seen how cute they are? 

Clean teeth with a little bit of bling bling. Right up my street!

Head over to to grab one.

*PR sample received

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