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After Christmas I'm all about the pampering.

The winter months do nothing for my body & well being, so thankfully I received a Betrousse Absolutely Fabulous box that's gonna sort out my winter body and get it ready for spring.

Included in this months box are Spa Find; Inch Wrap Firming Gel, Organic Surge Pure & Clean Facial Wash,, Leor Facial Exfoliate Cream, Duck Island Mandarin & Bergamot Shampoo, Hēlēnēre Intensive Serum & 24H Cream.

Perfect - there is not one product in this box that I can't wait to try.

First up is the Sculpted Silhouette firming gel - my thighs are a hot mess after waaay to much food drink over Christmas so I can't wait to try this. 
Betrousse Absolutely Fabulous Beauty Box, Sculpted Silhouette Inchwrap Firming Gel, Cellulite Cream, Cellulite
Goodbye orange peel thighs!
The gel is nice and thick and contains dead sea minerals - it goes on easy you just massage it into the top of your thighs for a couple of minutes. The gel disappears into your skin and leaves no nasty residue.  This gel is working wonders on my thighs - cellulite be gone!

Next I used the Organic Surge face wash followed up by the Leor Exfoliate Creme. Oh my the facial wash has rosemary and lemon essential oils & the exfoliate creme has French lavender. I don't care what this does to my face as the smell was divine! 

Betrousse Absolutely Fabulous, Organic Surge Facial Wash, Facial Wash, Organic Surge, Leor Exfoliate Creme
Awesome products for cleansing and cleaning the skin
Joking aside the face wash lathered up really easily & my face felt squeaky clean. The exfoliate had just the right amount of 'grains' to take of the dead yucky skin but didn't end up making my face look like Freddy Kruger.

To end my skincare routine I followed up with the Hēlēnēre products both containing Edelweiss, the 24h cream moisturized my face and the serum hydrates my skin so hopefully I'll continue to look not a day over 30 for a while at least.

Betrousse Absolutely Fabulous Box, Helenere, Helenere 24H Cream, Helenere Intensive Serum
These Swiss products are almost as good as Swiss chocolate
The only product I didn't get to try was the Duck Island shampoo as I'm currently wearing hair extensions. As soon as I take them out I will do a separate review but what I will say for now is that I am loving the pump bottle and its paraben free - so I already know this is going to be fab.

Betrousse Absolutely Fabulous, Duck Island Shampoo, Paraben Free Shampoo, Paraben free products
Paraben & mineral oil free - can't wait to try this
This box was £19 (+ P&P) from Betrousse and is a great buy.

Goodbye winter body 'hello' spring gorgeousness!

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  1. I like beauty box but never heard of this brand before.

    Thanks for the share.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment. This brand is great for beauty boxes - lots of things I've not seen on the high street but quality stuff for the money.


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