Healthy Nails Crystal File Review


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I'm a girl who loves a good file of the nails - especially when I'm watching TOWIE & of course since I'm a Essex style chick I need a fabulous nail file.

And just like that the nail gods smiled upon me & a crystal nail file* from Healthy Nails dropped in my letterbox.

Crystal Nail File, Nail File, Manicure,
Bling Bling!! Love a fancy nail file

Yes honey, crystal not only looks fabulous but its better for your nails in comparison to an emery board - there's less breakage & nail 'debris' turns to dust. 

Filing my nails with the Healthy Nail File was easy but it did take a little longer as the file is not as coarse as a emery board. The plus side of this is there is  more precision when shaping my nails - so when I get distracted I don't lose have my nail! This file does feature both a rough and fine side unlike some crystal nail files I've seen so you can do some serious shaping if you want to.

This is not my first time using a crystal nail file I had one before but it died a early death as it snapped in the bottom of my bag. No need to worry about that happening this time as this file comes comes in its own silver case - perfect for carrying in your hand bag & no danger of it snagging your spare pair of stockings.

Nail Files, Manicures, Natural Nails, Crystal Nail File, Nails

This is my new favorite thing to have in my hand whilst watching TOWIE... well not all the time darlings - I still need to keep my hands free for a glass of fizz!

The Healthy Nails Crystal File can be found direct on their website or on Amazon for just £12.99

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