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Moyra Nail Polish, Nail Polish

I love nail polishes but rarely have time to paint my nails what with the day job and blogging but now I have Moyra nail polishes in my life I'm gonna have to find time!

Moyra are a new nail polish brand just about to launch in the UK, I was one of a few select bloggers invited to try out the nail polishes first!

Yaay me!

The nail polishes arrived in cute pink tissue paper and the owner must of known that this was guaranteed to make me smile as I just love pink!

What's inside???!!

Opening up the packages I just couldn't believe the colours!!!

Moyra Nail Polishes, Pastel Nail Polishes, Nail Polishes, Vivid Sand, Neon Matt Nail Polish
Moyra 605 Pastel Shade, 705 Neon Matte Effect & 714 Vivid Sand

Moyra Pastel Shade Nail Polish, Nail Polish, Blue Nail Polish
Moyra 605 Pastel Shade

Moyra Vivid Sand Nail Polish, Nail Polish, Orange Nail Polish
Moyra 714 Vivid Sand

Moyra Neon Matte Effect Nail Polish, Nail Polish, Neon Nail Polish
Moyra 705 Neon Matte Effect
Initially when I saw the orange colour - I was like 'OMG that is way too bright, I need to give that polish away immediately'. But since trying it out it is my absolute favorite! I just love the way it sparkles and its soooo bright it just forces you to have it in your life. I have no idea if this polish comes in other neon colours but if it does - I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!

All the colours are fab & this is one nail polish brand that I can't wait to get my mitts on!

I have been decorating recently so could not use my own nails for the review but polish went on really easily and took just 2 coats to build up the color. 

Moyra nail polishes are from £3 per bottle and they can be purchased via their UK Facebook page.

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  1. Cute... love the Pink neon.. perfect for summer

    1. I have been wearing this all summer I am obsessed with it!


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