Homemade Sushi with Yutaka Sushi Kit


Homemade Sushi using Yutaka Sushi Kit, Yukata Sushi Kit, Salmon Sushi, Sushi at Home

I love Sushi and its perfect for the summertime when its just too hot to eat a full blown meal.

A few months ago I got into making my own at home using the Yutaka Sushi Kit for 2.

In the kit comes everything you need to make sushi at home apart from the fillings including a handy bamboo mat for rolling the sushi which can be re-used.

Yutaka Sushi Kit, Sushi Kit, Sushi at Home, Japanese Food

The instructions were clear & in just less than 40 minutes I had my own customized sushi - none of this wondering if there was secret mayonnaise in it or any other allergies. 

For my fillings I used prawns, smoked salmon, cucumber, cucumber & roasted red peppers.

Homemade Sushi, Yutaka Sushi Kit, How to Make Sushi at Home, Japanese Food
Smoked salmon, raw prawns (before cooking), prepping the rice, prawns/smoked salmon, cucumber & roasted red peppers.
The sushi was absolutely delicious!

Homemade Sushi using Yutaka Sushi Kit, Homemade Sushi, Japanese Food

The Yakutari Sushi Kit can be found in most stores from £2.99. 

Have you ever made sushi at home or is this a dish you would rather buy ready made?

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  1. I love homemade sushi and I make a great and healthy quinoa sushi that is delicious.

    1. Healthy quinoa sounds really interesting. Off to find a recipe or send me an email!

  2. I am not a sushi fan.. something about the look of it... but my Mark totally adores it... this might be a great gift idea for him.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. Ha! Ha! Some people really hate the idea of it but I love it. Using smoked salmon is a great way round using the whole fresh fish thing :)


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