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From time to time whenever I have a spare bit of cash I like to visit a psychic for a little reading.

Recently I was offered an opportunity to review Kooma - a site that offers psychic readings.  

Using Kooma is simple enough you just hop on to the homepage and see which readers are available. Each reader has reviews and a 'about me' section so you can get to know them & their reading style before you decide which one to use.

Once you've decided you dial in and enter the pin number of the reader you want and choose how long you want the reading to be for 20/40 mins (£14/£27) & pay by debit/credit card. You are then your connected to your reader.

This was my first time using the site and whilst I found it really easy to use trying to get the reader I wanted was near impossible. I selected 3 possible readers but after failing to get them after 45 minutes I just went with pot luck. 

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The news was electrifying!
The reader I got was nice but either my life is really dull or nothing is ever going to happen! The reading was vague with a few things that could happen anyway or be applied to anyone - nothing was said that made me feel 'yep, that was definitely about me'. I'm not being a sceptic as the things really could happen I guess I'm more used to precise readings. 

Kooma does give you the option to change readers before the first 5 minutes is up and I did switch - this was the 2nd reader. I decided not to switch again as I had no idea who I was going to get.

Even though the reading was a little vague I did find the process simple, fun & entertaining. 

As for the reading?.....

Time will tell!

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