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My Sky+ box is literally going to burst with the amount of goodies on the box this autumn!

These are the programs that have got me staying in this autumn and not on dates....

How To Get Away With Murder....

How To Get Away With Murder, Shondra Rhymes, Voila Davis, New Shows for 2014
I can already tell there will be some killer fashion on this show!
If you love a bit of Greys Anatomy or Scandal you will love Shondra Rhymes's latest project. The twice Oscar nominated Viola Davis takes the lead role as a law professor who literally teaches her law class how to get away with murder. 

Expect it to be clever, sexy, tense and your latest obsession.

Universal 22.10.2014 @ 10 pm

American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Horror Story, American Horror Story Season 4, American Horror Story: Freak Show, Jessica Lange, Ryan Murphy, Kathy Bates, Fox TV, FX
Not the best look for flip flops...
The final season featuring the gorgeous Jessica Lange is either going to horrendous like Season 2 or fabulous like Season 3: Coven. Even though Jessica will clearly be the star of the show other AHS cast members Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy & Angela Bassett will be acting their socks off & giving Jessica a run for her money.

This season the horror story centres on a circus and the show people who work there as they fight to survive against dark forces surrounding them. Be prepared for lots of weirdness & a little bit of naughtiness.

Fox 21.10.2014 @ 10 pm


Stalker, Maggie Q, Dermot McDermott, Sky Living TV, Autumn Shows
If only the Po Po were really this attractive!
Not one to sit around after Nikita called it a day Maggie Q plays Lieutenant Detective Beth Davis a special agent in the LAPD who gets a new partner; the gorgeous Dermot McDermott - Detective Jack Larson. 

Detective Jack Larson definitely seems competent and puts some of his colleagues to shame with his vast knowledge of how stalkers choose their victims & how to catch them.

But is the newly appointed Detective Jack Larson simply awesome at his job or is he not all that he appears to be?

Stalker has had mixed reviews since its release in the states but since it was penned by Kevin Williamson the man who brought The Following to our screens I'm looking forward to it.

Sky Living 10.11.2014 (no time yet)

Staying in is the new going out!

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