Ozeri Digital Bath Scales Review


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I've recently been watching my weight but before I disappear into a fog of magic pants I decided it was time to get some new bathroom scales.

When previously choosing scales I've never given it much thought. Just nipped into Boots and grabbed the nearest ones on the shelf but this time I wanted something special.

Heading over to Amazon the minute I saw the Ozeri Digital Scales I knew that they were the one. I previously have had 2 other products from Ozeri so knew that they make functional & funky products.

The design of the scales are simple but effective with a huge chrome dial which shows your weight in kg & lbs and also has a digital display just in case you need to really believe that's how much you weigh.  

Ozeri Digital Bath Scales, Bath Scales, Weight Loss, Scales, Funky Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Accessories
Hello Again!
As these scales are international they do not show weight in 'stones' but using a converter on Google is easy.

Stepping on the scale I was a little concerned as they are really light weight but they took my weight easily as it has tempered glass which is impact resistant that can take weights up to 400 lbs (180 kgs). 

The scales run off batteries which are included in the box and they turn them on/off when you step on/off which is great knowing that the batteries will not be running down. 

The scales also feature an alarm that goes of to remind you that you have not weighed yourself today... I have rather conveniently not read the instructions to see how this reminder works!

These scales are great & at only £20 from Amazon they're gonna help keep me away from the magic pants!

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