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I've always suffered from dry & red eyes mainly due to hay fever & working with computers but this year I'm determined to have gorgeous bright shiny eyes.

Heading to the chemist I stocked up on hay fever products to keep the hay-at-bay but alas my eyes were still irritated...

....Until I got my hands on some Optrex who seem to have every product to cover any eye problems. An eye Wash to clean the eyes, Actimist & Rehydrating Eye drops which keep eyes moisturized & Eyedew for brightening eyes.

I couldn't wait to try them out.

First up was the eye wash. My eyes always seem to feel really gritty and yucky after a day sat in a air conditioned office so this is my number one gripe with my eyes.

The eyewash itself is simple to use simply pour a tiny bit into the provided eye bowl swirl round the eye for 30 secs and then repeat on the other eye.  My eyes instantly felt clean and grit free.  It's such a strange but nice feeling 'washing' your eyes out but it's really effective. Brilliant product and I can see myself using this a lot especially in the summer.

rex Eye Wash, Urban Eyes, Eye Care, Eye Infections, Dry Eyes, Gritty Eyes
Brilliant for 'dirty' eyes
Next up were Actimist & the rehydrating drops. 

On days when I'm wearing no eye make-up I use the Actimist. This product is kinda weird as you spray your closed eyelids and the product penetrates & moisturizes your eyes. It shouldn't work in theory but it does! I love it but remember girlies don't use this product when wearing make-up unless it's 'mist proof'.

But on the days when I've got eye make-up on then I use the rehydrating drops which are also good but my favourite out of the two products is the Actimist. 

rex, Optrex Actimist, Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops, Urban Eyes, Dry Eyes, Eye Care
Double Trouble
Last but not least was Eyedew but I've not had a chance to try it out yet as the other products have worked so well! 

If I ever get round to using this product I'll post a separate review:)

Optrex, Optrex Eyedew, Rehydrating Eyes, Urban Eyes, Bright Eyes
Who needs mascara when you have this?
As well as using Optrex products other ways I'm helping my tired & irritated eyes is by following some great tips on Optrex website which include drinking loads of water, taking lots of breaks when using a computer. 

How are your eyes this summer?

Do you love Optrex products as well? 

I have a giveaway in conjunction with Optrex for you to to win a nice little bundle of goodies

Simply follow this blog on & here & Instagram & leave me a comment down below for a chance to win.

*Items supplied by Optrex

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  1. I get dry eyes. Would like to try out the rehydrating drops out and see if they help thanks :-)

  2. I love optrex products - really good stuff

  3. Very interesting idea - the eye wash, I would say it also releases tension in your eye muscles during an application ;)

  4. I love the optrex products, especially during the hayfever months when my eyes scratch

  5. I have red, often sore eyes, I think because I spend a lot of my work time on a computer, so this would be ideal

  6. I do get dry eye's and what a great giveaway.

  7. These are also really good for tired eyes and people that use a computer all day x

  8. these look fantastic i have never tried

  9. These sound great, my eyes get so itchy and I love the feeling of an eye wash too. Really soothing!
    Victoria Prince

  10. great review, I love Optrex products they are awesome. I have also followed you on Instagram, my username is pezz198020000

  11. I have used the rehydrating drops in the past and found them soothing - also used the eyewash many years ago, had forgotten how good that is
    Following on Instagram and email

  12. Im having a corneal transplant so these would be very helpful

  13. I get itchy eyes when my hayfever flares up. Optrex products would really help with this.

  14. I am always having to use eyes drops as I don't produce enough tears so this would help with the expense , thanks for the chance :)

  15. Optrex products are a saving grace in summer when hayfever starts up :)



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