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I have a friend, lets call her Beth. Now, Beth is a beautiful girl. She has long hair, perfect teeth, and fashion knowledge to boot. Just like the rest of us though, Beth has one part of her body that she's not too fond of.

Beth suffers from a condition she fondly calls "sausage fingers." The poor gal just has some seriously short and stumpy fingers, despite the rest of her well-earned athletic physique. Don't worry, she has a great sense of humour about it. Just the other day she was sending me Snapchats of her trying on a few different rings with the caption "Spanx for fingers."

Jokes aside though, Beth had some great suggestions for jewelry this season, and they're worth sharing.

First, as you can see from the collection of different designers' rings on Lyst, thin bands with a simple symbols are very popular this season. The simplicity of the ring goes well with the casual, easy styles of fall fashion. Rings like the Thunderstruck, Infinite Heart, and X Revolve Pluto designs are perfect examples, and their gold/rose gold color complements most fall pallets.

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Gorgeous Rings
Unfortunately the thin band trend is not one that Beth will take advantage of this season. According to her, it makes her fingers look like pork lions wrapped in kitchen twine. The next trend however is one of her favourites, and she highly recommends it for all girls with less than dainty fingers.

Rings that wrap around your finger can provide additional coverage for people, like Beth, that are a little ring-shy. Plus their intricate designs make most people focus on the ring, rather than the finger that's wearing it.

You can find wrap rings in several different styles, but snake-inspired pieces are very trendy right now. Not only do they make an eye-catching accessory, but according to An Italian Canadian Life, snake rings can be used to symbolise eternity, wholeness, and perfection. Apparently Queen Victoria even had a snake ring that she believed brought her good luck.

Of course, it could be possible that she just felt it hid her sausage fingers, but that remains unknown.

Finally, pink stones are a trendy colour for the season. During Fashion Month, Forbes reported that it was a designer-favorite on the runways.

"Pink doesn't necessarily have to be just pretty," wrote Barry Samaha. "It can be bold and assertive."

Adding a touch of pink to your outfit with a ring is also a great way to counterbalance darker fall colors. The gems don't have to be real or expensive, just a fun, blush hue of pink.

Even if you don't have a future in hand modeling, your hands can still look fun and feminine. Take advantage of these trends and get some fancy finger wear. Then treat yourself to a manicure and be proud of your darling digits!
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  1. I've never really worn rings, as I've always bitten my nails and didn't want to draw attention to them BUT... at the ripe old age of 42 I've managed to accidentally kick the habit (wasn't trying, I just stopped biting them when I was on holiday!). Now I'm happy for people to notice my hands so rings, nail polish, and bracelets are all back on the menu!! x

  2. I have sausage fingers too. I wear my wedding ring but don't really like drawing any further attention to my hands!

  3. I only ever wear two rings, my wedding ring and my engagement ring. I have a couple of others I wear on occasion but I don't think I'm a ring kinda girl.

  4. I always wear my rings and I try to paint my nails :) It looks pretty.

  5. Wow! Such lovely rings! Out of all the jewelry items, I just go to the rings counter in the jewelry stores.

  6. They look like fun, unfortunately working in the NHS rings are out for my day job x

  7. I definitely suffer from sausage fingers too :-0 That doesn't put me off wearing rings though. Love yours for a special night out x

  8. I tend to just wear my wedding and engagement rings only x

  9. I have the complete opposite to sausage fingers mine are long and bony, more like witch fingers, I struggle to keep my wedding and engagement ring on! But some of these are very pretty x

  10. I wear three rings, my wedding ring, my engagement ring and a ring my parents bought me for my 18th birthday. I don't really like to draw attention to my hands though - bite my nails!

  11. These rings are gorgeous! Hope Beth manages to find something pretty that fits!

  12. I only ever wear my wedding ring and eternity ring. I have long fingers but they are too fat for highstreet rings which does make me sad. I also always react to non gold/silver/platinum rings sadly.

  13. I love the look of rings, on other people! I'm not sure why but I really don't like wearing rings, besides my wedding band.

  14. I have short, stumpy fingers and hate them with a passion, it does make it more difficult to choose rings.

  15. Ooooh I love my rings - I feel naked without them! I have long thin fingers. Kaz x


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