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Shoreditch One Vape Kit, Vaping, Leonardo Di Caprio Vaping, Ladies Vape Kit, No Smoking Day
The perfect kit to give up smoking

So, you want to give up smoking because it's bad for you, leads to terrible diseases, makes you smell awful, costs a fortune and is socially unacceptable? In reality though, you don't want to give up smoking just yet. Maybe next week, you've still got some in your packet… when they are gone you'll absolutely give up.

Maybe. After you buy some for the weekend…

All of the above statements on the negative affects of smoking are true. Facts. You're a sensible person, but smoking is a habit. An addiction. It's nicotine. As much as you try patches, gum, that charlatan hypnotist that took £60 off you, mumbled at you for an hour and really only helped you not be so scared of spiders anymore, nothing has helped. You tried substituting with food, but that played havoc with your waistline and got you addicted to Viscount biscuits. You are at your wits end. You know that tobacco is bad and wrong, but you see no way out.

No longer. Let me tell you about vaping. Vaping is the new smoking without the disgraceful expense, smell and sounding like Madge from Neighbours. You see, your body wants nicotine. That's all it wants. Unfortunately, cigarettes come with formaldehyde, saltpeter, tar and arsenic ( those Silk Cuts not looking so appetising now eh?). Plus a host of other horrible chemicals that give you the lung capacity of an asthmatic goldfish.

Shoreditch are a British online vaping company that sell Vape “pens”. Very nifty little things they are too. For £19.99 they supply you with a starter pack that consists of a rechargeable battery that screws onto a reservoir or “tank” which you fill with a flavoured liquid that has nicotine in it. You press the button on the battery, it heats the liquid to a vapour (see how they did that?) and you smoke it. You get your nicotine hit and none of the nastiness. The battery charges off a mini USB which is supplied too and three flavours to experiment with.

Now Madam Luscious doesn't smoke, so she has asked me, a seasoned vaper, to test the kit and give my opinion. An order was placed on the easy to navigate Shoreditch site and just over 24 hours later, my kit* was posted through my letterbox in a neat little box. I also chose Iced Strawberry, Peppermint Chocolate and Summit from their 21 different flavours available. The battery unit was charged up and after a couple of minutes I was puffing away on the Iced Strawberry and catching up on Netflix. Nicotine hits aplenty but these ones tasted of strawberry milkshake, then I had a bash at the Peppermint Chocolate which is near as dammit to after eight mints. Lovely. You can have the more traditional tobacco flavours too if you so wish, but most folk I know that vape prefer the different fruit or sweet e-juice flavours vaping offers.

Shoreditch Vape Kit, Vaping, Leonardo Di Caprio Vaping, Ladies Vape Kit, No Smoking Day
Neat, small but perfectly formed
The unit itself is slick and compact, about the size of a Sharpie. Very classy black casing and will slip into a pocket or a clutch bag easily. It has a puff counter and a little battery indicator on the display too. It even says “ Bye Bye” when you turn it off! The liquids are in little 10ml bottles so if you need a quick fill up when you are out and about they won't take too much space either.

Shoreditch Vape Kit, Vaping, Leonardo Di Caprio Vaping, Ladies Vape Kit, No Smoking Day, Vape Pen
Sexy and it knows it
Officially, you can't vape in public indoor spaces, but some places I frequent for the occasional shandy are OK with it. It's always best to ask before you start puffing away.

All in all, this is a great way to stop smoking cigarettes and if you want, Vape Shoreditch will deliver liquids to you monthly so you don't get caught short on e-liquid and run off to the newsagent for a pack of 20 fags. As well as the positives I have spoken about above, you can save considerable amounts of money vaping. I was spending nearly £80 a week on cigarettes, I don't even spend half that a month on vape products.

What's not to like?

This fabulous guest post was written by the lovely Wayne who can sometimes be found at his own blog.

*Item received for review purposes

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  1. I smoked from the age of 13-19 when I became pregnant with my daughter and I've never looked back. I had a pretty big reason to stop smoking and I didn't find it difficult at all but I can understand how hard it is to kick the habit. I've seen a lot of people using these vape's and I've always wondered what they were so thanks for enlighting me.

  2. I do think that vaping is a good alternative if you're looking to give up smoking but I see people using them inside all the time and as a non smoker it can be really annoying x

  3. I have never tried vaping before, as I gave up smoking a few years ago, but it has really helped friends of mine.

  4. I don't smoke so I can't comment. But I hate it when people vape inside, somebody was doing it in the office!

  5. I've never smoked so not needed to take up vaping. However I can understand how some would ue it to try and ween themselves off the cigs!

  6. I'm not a smoker so never thought of taking up vaping but I am always nagging my mum to stop smoking, and this could be a good way to help!

  7. I got my mom one of these to help her cut down on smoking and she loved it! X

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  8. I think vaping is great and a brilliant alternative to cigarettes. I was brought up in a very anti smoking household and even today I can't stand them. I will tut loudly if someone lights up next to me (yes, I'm that person) as I think it is inherently selfish. I have no problem whatsoever with vaping.

  9. I have never smoked but both of my parents have done all their lives, thankfully they have both got into the vaping, however they now seem to think it is perfectly Ok to do it in my house, whereas when they smoked they always went outside!

  10. Great review. Reviewed a similar product some weeks ago.

  11. I have to admit I wish vaping had been around more when I tried to give up smoking I think it would have made it an easier transition. x

  12. As someone who has given up smoking on once by going cold turkey as I was pregnant and quitting for many years then tried to again by using an e-cig I can see the benefits of vaping but I also worry about it as when I attempted to with an e-cig it actually caused me to get very unwell and I am still getting treatment over two years later... It's one of the only things that has ever put me off trying it. I do like the fact they have different flavours though.

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  13. Seems like a good way to wean yourself off cigarettes these days!

  14. Vaping can be such a good alternative to smoking. I hope you can give up smoking easy. x

  15. oh I could seriously do with one of these as I desperately need to give up smoking just scared to try as have before and it was awful

  16. I have never smoked but see this as a better alternative for people trying to give up and a great way to wean off.

  17. I think this kit offers fantastic value for money, especially on the price of cigarettes!

  18. I don't smoke or vape, but my brother-in-law does, He like to try out the different flavours you can get

  19. I need to try vaping. I don't smoke a lot, not even very often but I crave it SO much! I like the fact you can get different flavours :D Great post, thanks for sharing xx

  20. I don't smoke but I have to see the flavours sound delicious. Would you say it is similar to Shisha?


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