Delicious Ways To Eat Less Meat


A lot of us know that reducing our meat intake could help us follow an even healthier diet. Even though meat is a fantastic source of protein, it has still been linked to raising the risk of certain health conditions, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Not only that, though, but recent studies have shown that the industrial farming process used to rear livestock for meat is one of the biggest causes of emissions. So, there’s no wonder that many health-conscious and eco-minded people are now trying to eat less meat. Are you wanting to try to change your habits too? Here are some delicious ways to do just that.

Eat More Fish

Fish is a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly food, and is also a rich source of protein and healthy nutrients. It’s really worth switching some of your weekly meat portions for fish. If you go for a meaty fish, such as monkfish, then you won’t even notice the difference! This fish pie recipe is incredibly easy to make, and you can even add fish to curries and stews. There are also lots of great fish dishes that your family will love.

Introduce Meat-Free Mondays

Have you heard of Meat-Free Monday already? It’s an initiative that many organisations are getting behind in an attempt to encourage families to have one meat-free day each week. Of course, yours doesn’t have to be Monday; you can choose a day that suits you best. You just need to make sure that you don’t eat any meat on that one day. Once you get used to it, you might want to start introducing two meat-free days each week. 

Experiment With New Ingredients

Have you ever tried bulgur wheat before? What about black beans or puy lentils? These are just some ingredients that you can use to bulk out vegetarian meals. In fact, there are lots of ingredients that you can use as non-meat sources of protein and that can also help you add more to your meals. In order to figure out which ones you like, you just need to start experimenting. Eventually, you’ll know lots of great ingredients that you can start to use instead of meat.

 Cut Meat Portions In Half

When you are starting to reduce your intake of meat, it’s worth cutting each portion in half. So, instead of having two sausages with a meal, why not just have one? You can replace the other one with more fresh vegetables. If you cut out meat slowly this way, you shouldn’t be too bothered when you cut it out completely.

Look For Meat-Free Versions

Don’t forget that there are lots of great meat-free substitutes of everyday favourites, such as burgers and chicken nuggets. If you take a look on the Quorn website, you will see lots of delicious substitutions. When you eat them, you won’t even notice that you’re not eating meat!

Hopefully, all of these tips can help you cut down your family’s meat intake without any problems!

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