6 Luxury Vinyl Tiles Designs To Make Your Home Look Luxurious


Luxury Vinyl Tiles often known as LVTs are of great use if you have hyperactive kids or pets at home. Or if you want heavy traffic commercial areas to look good, LVTs can be of great help for that too. It is simple in its manufacturing having multiple layers of backing, resilient core, an image layer and wear layer. These layers make them thicker and thus offer more durability and comfort than hard surfaced tiles. LVT flooring will surely make you fall in love with it as this flooring is also sound proof and water proof while it doesn’t even cost you much as well.

1. Wooden LVTs
You will find some amazing range of wooden LVTs which can add a significant amount of beauty to your home or workplaces. The best thing about wooden LVTs is that it gives an extremely realistic look which will go great with thematic if you are having relevant décor as well. Or if you are just in between the thought process, you can look for some décor that suits well with wooden LVTs.

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2. Metallic LVTs

The look is not that realistic but it is in trend these days and looks really cool which gives an extra nice feeling to the overall look of your décor. And of course, the quality of metallic LVTs is always like adding some royal look to your home making it a kind of palace instead.

3. Stone LVTs

Well this adds an antique kind of look to your décor making it more traditional yet equally trendy and beautiful. You can choose Marble, Slate, Travertine and much more as per your choice but I am sure all of these are going to satisfy you largely. It is a good replacement to costly porcelain and ceramic tiles which were the only option for durable yet beautiful realistic stone looks back then. 

4. Oak LVTs 

The best feature of oak LVTs is that they are completely waterproof and make your overall décor look extremely beautiful with a professionally designed look. You can choose a range of colors in oak LVTs as well which can match your décor thematic as well. You can use them anywhere at your home from common room to kitchen or even washrooms.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/UVHKTo07btc

5. Concrete LVTs

Well concrete itself is a very expensive option so people went crazy when they found the same thing at much lower cost in LVTs. Now you can easily go for concrete LVTs with as natural look as possible. In fact, you can even have more resiliency and realism with LVTs along with some additional number of benefits.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/LIHoumDou1I
6. Textured Contrasts
You can use many other LVTs having different designs and textures with contrasts that looks good with your décor. Also, textured contrasts give visual appeal and artisan quality along with shine in wood grains in the overall look. When you look for options, I am sure you can easily find one which goes great with your wish list and end up with the most beautiful décor just as you imagined.

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