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Burger & Lobster Cardiff Review

Burger & Lobster, Burger & Lobster Cardiff, St Davids II, Restaurants in Cardiff, Seafood in Cardiff

Cardiff has recently had an explosion of new restaurants and I went along to check out its latest Burger & Lobster.

Fridge Magnets From Sticky 9 Review

Smeg Fridge, Pictures on Fridges, Kitchen Decor, Kitchens, Modern Kitchens

If you go into most houses on fridges you will see pictures of people hanging out, looking gorgeous but the pictures can look a bit unsightly and untidy.

Luckily for us those lovely people at Sticky 9 have come up with a solution.

Personalized fridge magnets.

Cardiff Winter Wonderland

Cardiff Winter Wonderland, Wales Online, Cardiff, Ice Skating Cardiff, Christmas

It's Sunday and your a little bit bored so what do you do?

Why you head down to Cardiff's Winter Wonderland of course!