Get in my belly: Chicken & Chorizo Recipe


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Don't you just hate those singletons that live alone and eat a tin of beans for dinner because 'they're own their own' or your friend who doesn't eat unless her man's at home?

Yeah me too.

Every night is 'proper' food night at Pretty Luscious Things HQ - I don't need company to get my eat on.

One of my favorite dishes to make is chicken, chorizo with roasted potatoes, garlic & spring greens. Perfect after a long hard day when I don't have time to stand in front of a hot stove but still want a proper meal.

Ingredients: Chicken legs & thighs, potatoes, garlic, chorizo, olive oil, salt & pepper, oregano & spring greens.

Chicken & Chorizo recipe, simple dinners, Spanish dishes, Chicken
Get all your ingredients together
Prep: Pre-heat oven to 190 degrees & wash chicken.

Place chicken legs in roasting tray and cut up your potatoes (skin on) into smallish chunks & snuggle them in between the chicken legs. Splash a little bit of olive oil over them, season with salt, freshly ground pepper & oregano & pop in the oven.

Chicken with potatoes, Chicken recipes, Chicken
Oh its gonna be tasty!
After 50 minutes or so turn over the potatoes so they brown on both sides and pierce the chicken in the fleshiest part to see how they are cooking. Unless the chicken thighs and legs are tiny, blood will trickle out which means they still need a bit more cooking - so place back in the oven & go back to drinking your wine.

After 30 minutes or so check the chicken  legs - the juices should run clear. If not place back in the oven and keep on checking every 10 minutes until they run clear.

chorizo, chicken recipes, chicken with chorizo
A montage of chickeness
Cut the desired amount of chorizo off the chorizo ring and peel of the outer skin. Chop into nice chunks & with the garlic & snuggle them in-between the potatoes and chicken. Place back in the oven and go back to drinking your wine!

After 10 mins the oil from the chorizo should of trickled out into the chicken and potatoes, flip the garlic cloves over & sprinkle red onion on top. Take a spoon & gather up some of the now redish oil all over the chickeny goodness & place back in the oven whilst you steam the spring greens. 

That's it - you're done.

Grab the rest of the wine sit back and enjoy your dinner!

chicken and chorizo, chicken recipes, chicken, Spanish dishes
Get in my belly! Chicken & chorizo
I love this dish. This is one of the easiest dishes to make but its bursting with so much flavour, I often cook this when I have guests over as it needs little to no 'work' and only 2 pans are used - 1 if you skip the greens!

What are your favorite easy peasy dinners?

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  1. This is great but doesn't the garlic burn? I always have trouble when I roast garlic.

  2. You need to add the garlic in the last 10 minutes or so. Enough time so it cooks but not enough time for it to burn. Best to nestle it between the chicken and potatoes to stop the garlic touching the pan which can be very hot.


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