Nights Cardiff Review Part II

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A few months ago I attended my first Match Stir event (also known as Match Nights).

I was not too impressed but when I heard there was another one planned – I was there faster than you can say ‘wingman’.
On the night in question I was a busy bee not only did I have a date but I was also meeting my very own wingman for drinks beforehand - yeah, I like to triple bag my nights out!

Cosmopolitan @ Browns Cardiff, Cocktails Browns, Cosmopolitan, First Dates Cardiff
Cocktails and 'dinner' with the date... yeah a true catch!
After the date I met my friend at 10 Feet Tall - it was like 2 hours since we last spoke so we had loads to catch up on & we needed to taste those 2-4-1 cocktails. Fast forward 1 hour later, 2 slightly squiffy gals about town suddenly remembered they should of been somewhere else!!

10 Feet Tall Cardiff, Cocktails Cardiff
More Cocktails.. Hic!
Rocking up to the Mocka Lounge we didn't know what to expect... an empty room or another school disco maybe?

Mocka Lounge Cardiff, Bars in Cardiff, Singles night at Mocka Cardiff
We killed the flowers with alcohol
Well, what can I say?
The place was absolutely packed. You couldn't get another body in there if you tried - the recent TV campaign really worked. The room was rocking but the only problem was the turnout..... it was 95% women & the age of the everyone attending seemed a little dare I say 'old'.
Dorian Birds of a Feather, Dorian Green, Lesley Joseph
Before you haters out there grab my picture up and be like 'girl, you know your azz ain't 21, I know I'm no spring chicken but I ain't boiling chicken either!  Everyone seemed to be on the 40+ boat & the air was thick with divorce and separation  Yet again, for all you haters out there I know I'm divorced as well, but you know what I'm saying right?!!
For me the age & quality of the people did not seem a equal mix of what I have seen on Match. I'm not certain if its because only people pass 40 feel confident enough to go to this type of event or if only certain groups were targeted. I think if I had to criticize the event this would be the only thing. Stir Events, Stir Events,
Gorgeous people from's Stir event... elsewhere!
Match should target people who regularly communicate with each other and send teaser emails out 'do you know 1 person you spoke to last week is going to the stir event etc. 

The event was really buzzy, everyone was friendly & the music was off the hook (they even flung down some Lauren Hill) but the age range thing did not work.
After 30 minutes or so the cocktails had taken their toll on us so we headed outside to observe the mating rituals whilst drinking a few more cocktails, putting the world to rights (berating men) before heading home to pass out. I really enjoyed myself.

Selfie gone wrong, Cardiff singles night out, Mocka Lounge
THIS is what happens when you drink too much!
For anyone thinking of going to one of these Match Nights - go. You don't have to talk to someone - you can just talk to your mate & it shouldn't be viewed as going on the pull but maybe meeting someone 'new'. There really is no pressure to talk to someone. 
Will you meet the love of your life if you go to one of these events?
Who knows!
But one thing you will get is a fantastic atmosphere, a good laugh and some fabulous cocktails! 

Wanna go to a Match Night event? 

Join & look out for a invitation in your inbox - you can even invite up to 3 non members!

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