MYA Vaser Journey: Part 5 Surgery Day at MYA Fitzroy


Here it is surgery day!!

If you're not certain what surgery I'm having and want to catch up catch all the other parts here - 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Ready? Let's go....

Last night we arrived in London late and straight away I went to bed ready for the morning. I normally get up early to go to work so I was up at 5.30. To kill a bit of time have a good old gossip with my cousin who lives in London, watch some TV for a few hours & do a bit of blogging before heading out.

I'm staying in Farringdon so its about 4ish stops and a short walk to MYA Fitzroy - so even though I didn't know where I was going it was super easy to find.

MYA Fitzroy Hospital, Cosmetic Surgery London, Vaser Surgery London, MYA, TOWIE Cosmetic Surgery
Oh My I'm So Excited!!

My admission time was at 10 a.m and they pre-warn you that this is not your surgery time - you could have up to a 6 hour wait. Not an issue, got my ipad (free WiFi on site), magazine and I'm sure they'll be a few girls there to have a good old gossip with whilst I'm waiting.

Entering the waiting room there was just one lady waiting and she looks like she might be waiting for someone as she has no bag with her - so no-one to gossip with yet! I'm just about to sit down and a nurse calls my name and asks me to follow her upstairs.

MYA Fitzroy Hospital, Cosmetic Surgery London, Vaser Surgery London, MYA, TOWIE Cosmetic Surgery
All Alone At MYA Fitzroy
We arrive on the hospital floor & I'm surprised to see my name is on the door as well as well my Dr's name - Dr Joffily. The room is nicely made up with a TV, wardrobe, sink & bathroom. The room is a double but I appear to be the only one in the room as the other bed is not made up. The nurse let's me know there is a hospital gown to get changed into, I need to be measured for compression sock, blood pressure/temperature taken and a pregnancy test needs to be done. This is all done in a matter of 10-20 minutes - it's not rushed but there was no hanging about.

MYA Fitzroy Hospital, Cosmetic Surgery London, Vaser Surgery London, MYA, TOWIE Cosmetic Surgery
My Legs Are Getting Surgery Ready

After lying down for about for 10 minutes Dr Joffily came in and we signed some paperwork and re-confirmed some details. Dr Joffily asked me if it was OK if they used general anaesethetic instead of local. I was okay with this as I think this would be better for me and my 'Band C' fat. Dr Joffily marked me up, left and then the anaesthetist came in to confirm some details and then I had to sign some more paperwork.

I sat back on the bed sent a couple of texts and then a nurse popped her head round the door and said they were going to take me up to surgery shortly.


Really it was not even 11 a.m yet. I couldn't believe me luck. Every time I was about to whip out my phone to take some pictures - more stuff was happening.

MYA Fitzroy Hospital, Cosmetic Surgery London, Vaser Surgery London, MYA, TOWIE Cosmetic Surgery
Gotta Love The No Make-Up Rule :(

Heading to the theatre I wasn't nervous more like surprised that I was going up so quickly. Once in theatre more details were reconfirmed again and then with a 1, 2, 3 I was out.

I woke up then at about 3.10 in my garment and back in my room!

Waking up I felt groggy but in no pain, going to the bathroom was difficult as I was stiff but I managed to hobble about. After about 3 hours the nurse said I could be released. At this stage I was leaking a lot from the tumescent fluids which is the norm so they gave me some extra compression sock & some protective plastic sheets.

MYA Fitzroy Hospital, Cosmetic Surgery London, Vaser Surgery London, MYA, TOWIE Cosmetic Surgery
Chilling After Surgery With My Gammy Foot

Around 6.45 my cousin came to pick me up, I was pleased to see him - it's really important to have someone to lean on after having surgery as getting about is awkward. When we drove down we took the Range Rover and getting in and out was no problem but after surgery it was pure hell as they are so high! My cousin had to lift me in out and out of the car as I couldn't bend my knee's but not before I put some towels down just in case of leakage.

Getting back to the apartment was straight forward enough, I was fearful we'd get stuck in traffic but the roads were surprisingly clear & it took just 20 minutes to get back.

So glad I was staying so close by.

Overall I feel okay tonight, just chilled out had some dinner but found it difficult to sleep mainly because I had drunk so much water. I was up and down to the toilet every 30 minutes!

In the morning we packed up and headed back home.

Today is 2 day's after surgery and I'm at home. I'm in no pain it's just uncomfortable walking, getting up and getting down so going to the ladies room is a event but gets easier every time. Getting used to the garment is also a little tricky, very hard to sleep properly all trussed up. Glad I did food prep as this is massive weight of my mind. For the first 3-4 days at least I can just chill

Right time to rest up and recuperate. My next update will cover the 6 week post surgery period.

*These events have already taken place but were written at the time.
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  1. Sounds like things went well for you. Take it easy for the next few days and I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. Oh bless you, I hope this is all worth it in the end. I'm glad to see you doing such an in depth review. It's so hard to find surgery reviews online. I struggled helping my sister when she had her surgery done. I hope you recover quickly.


  3. Wow it sounds like such a smooth experience, seriously no drama or worry at all! Just what you want if you are having surgery of any kind. H x

  4. Hope your still healing and on the mend. Take it easy xx

  5. I think you look great without makeup and well done for being brave enough to go ahead with the procedure . Good luck with the six weeks ahead!

  6. Eekk it sounds like it was a good experience but a painful one. I like the fact they had everything ready for you and the facilities were great.

  7. It seems like everything went smooth sailing and that it was all done quite quickly, I really hope you are well on the mend now and I look forward to seeing your results xx

  8. Glad that everything seemed to go smoothly and hope you are getting plenty of rest. xx

  9. I'm excited to hear more about the results of the surgery. I am glad everything went well x

  10. This sounded like a pretty easy process! It's nice that your able to rest up now!

  11. Sounds like you had a good experience! It's great that you were seen so quickly, the waiting is often the worst part!

  12. Great that it went well. Looking forward for your update in weeks.

  13. OMG well it sounds like it wasn't too traumatic, get lots of rest so you heal up well.

  14. Sounds like it all went well, looking forward to reading about how it all works out.

  15. Sounds like a good and smooth experience lovely! Take it easy now x


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