Fun Ways to Make Yourself Feel Pretty Day to Day


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Life is busy and chaotic, sometimes our appearance is at the bottom of the priority list. But there’s nothing worse than catching sight of yourself in a mirror or a shop window halfway through the day and being shocked at how bad you look- from under eye circles to scruffy hair, unflattering clothes - it can make you feel rubbish. If you’re fed up with looking a mess and want to take steps to feel prettier and more confident, here are some fun ways you can go about it.

Try a new makeup look

Makeup is a fantastic tool. It can completely transform your face, or it can subtly hide scars, marks and even out your complexion - it can be whatever you want it to be. If you have more time one day  you could play around with smokey eyes, contouring and different lip colours - you can keep it more subtle if it’s earlier in the day or go full on glam if you’re going on a night out. If you don’t have much time in the morning, how about coming up with a five minute makeup routine? A bit of concealer, some pressed powder, mascara and a swipe of lip colour can make you feel much better about yourself for the rest of the day.

Have your hair done

If you’re currently trying to keep a super high maintenance style, chances are between hair appointments and on days that you don’t have much time, your style looks really bad. Instead of working against your natural hair, work with it. Instead of dying it a colour which requires constant root uptake, work with your natural shade. Not only will this suit you well, but it will be far easier to keep on top of. If your hair is curly, scrunch through some mousse and embrace your curls instead of battling the straighteners every morning. If it’s naturally straight, enjoy the sleek look instead of fussing around with hair curlers and extensions. You’ll feel much more put together each day, instead of your hair looking scruffy and only looking its best on days that you have more time.

Buy some new clothes
Comfortable, practical clothes are what most of us need day to day. However, clothes can still look good while fulfilling these purposes. Instead of throwing on loungewear like tracksuit bottoms and oversized hoodies, look into comfy jersey dresseswear them with tights and put a comfy cardigan over the top. Another option would be a pair of jeggings with some flat boots and a flowy top. You’ll be just as comfortable, but the clothes will flatter your body shape and you won’t find yourself hiding away. You can easily pop on a statement necklace, grab a brightly coloured back or throw on a patterned scarf to add more interest with very little hassle or effort. 

It’s good to dress up and look nice if you’re going out and have more time, but you can feel pretty every day too if you follow this simple advice. It’s a great way to give your self esteem a boost.

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