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2020 was supposed to be my year.

I was ready to have my hot girl summer but then the lock down happened. So now I'm trapped in my apartment - not a festival or bikini in site so I guess I better overhaul my apartment... again!

I have my paint ready to go, so my walls will be shiny and new in no time but what to do with the floor?

I have carpet in the hallway and bedrooms already but it's a constant struggle to keep it clean as carpets and shedding hair extensions are mortal enemies!

With this in mind I headed to Luxury Flooring & Furnishings* to look for an alternative. Looking through their site was easy and there are lots of different flooring choices from laminates to engineered and solid wood flooring to name few.

Oak Engineered Flooring
Painswick Oak Flooring**

After oohing and aahing I deciding on Painswick Oak a engineered wood.  The wood is warm and inviting but bright enough to bounce light off my walls and I love the way it was laid in the Herringbone pattern. It will look great with my furniture now and in the future and it looks super classy.  Looking at the spec I noticed the wood can be re-sanded & re-varnished in the future if it gets tatty which will be perfect in my hallway as it gets the most wear and tear.

Before measuring up and placing a order I noticed I could order a free sample.  This was simple, quick and easy to do. I ordered on Monday and fast forward to Wednesday the sample arrived.

I can't believe it came so quickly considering all the craziness in the world right now!!

Anyway the sample looked exactly like the pic on the site and the quality is fantastic. I'm super happy I just need to measure up and order away!

I might not get my hot girl summer but with my new flooring I'm sure to have a cool girl winter!

Are you thinking about getting new flooring and if so what are you getting?

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** Image used with permission from Luxury Flooring & Furnishings

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  1. The wood has a really lovely pattern. I think it would look well on most floors

  2. I love oak flooring - it adds a lovely warmth to a room and it's very resilient when you have kids trampling up and down all day.

  3. The Painswick Oak flooring looks beautiful, and sounds pretty easy to maintain

  4. I love real wood floors, they feel so good underfoot and much easier to keep clean than carpet!

  5. I think flooring is so so important and really sets the tone of the room.

  6. We moved house this time last year, and we have been meaning to change the flooring - we currently have stone in the dining room and kitchen and oak in the living room, I am not sure what we will change to though.


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