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Kim Kardashian wearing white Herve Leger bandeau dress

Finding a fantastic dress is hard.

Finding a fantastic dress just like the celebs wear is even harder….

 … not unless you shop at Style Me Celeb!!!

Everywhere you look celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Miranda Kerr & Nicki Minaj are all wearing sexy Herve Leger style bandage dresses. Weddings, christenings, bat mitzvah's they're everywhere!!  But buying a good quality bandage dresses is not in reach for most people due to the high price… until now.

Miranda Kerr, Red Herve Leger Dress
Miranda Kerr, Red Herve Leger Dress
Style Me Celeb is an online retailer selling bandage dresses, skater dresses & more Towie clothing essentials than you thought were possible - all at reasonable prices. 

The minute I went on their site I wanted to buy EVERYTHING! But I previously had a bad experience trying to buy a bandage dress elsewhere so I needed convincing.

Lauren Pope, Bandage dress from Style Me Celeb
Lauren Pope gets bandaged!

Style Me Celeb's website is impressive & easy to use. The site features a massive 130 dresses & it’s rare that you see any member of The Only Way is Essex wearing anything else.

After browsing the site, I saw about 10 dresses that I needed to have. It was time to get with reality & to admit to being more than tempted…. I wanted to be towielicious! 

To sort out my nervousness I had a quick chat with Style Me Celeb. After my chat I felt 100% satisfied that their customer services was up to scratch, I narrowed my choice down to my favorite dress Carmela & placed an order.

Carmela, Style Me Celeb
Carmela - Style Me Celeb £109
The dress arrived the next day wrapped in tissue paper in a nice shiny box. 

The next day??!! 


Style Me Celeb have a large selection of dresses that if you successfully place a order before 2 pm on a working day your dress will arrive the very next day! (UK only not inc. non-working day's.)

Dress box by Style Me Celeb
I love dresses in boxes!!
Carmela looked exactly like she did online. The dress is very well made with heavy thick bandage material (to keep all my jiggly bits in place), the tags were intact & every single shiny sequin was in place!

Carmela, Style Me Celeb
Carmela - Oh sooo shiny!  Style Me Celeb
As most bandage dresses are made for uber small chicks I was slightly concerned that I wouldn't fit into the dress but I was pleased that the ‘L’ (10/12) fitted me & my ample bosom to a tee.

The dress is gorgeous & I must say I’m really pleased that I took a chance ordering from Style Me Celeb & I would definitely order again. Excellent quality, customer service & shipping is free WORLDWIDE. 

Ava bandage dress by Style Me Celeb
Oh Ava!! My next purchase £99
After receiving my dress I emailed Style Me Celeb to thank them & they offered PLT readers a 10% discount code when you order! Use code 'Chic'' discount between 7th - 31st August 2013 for 10% as you check out!

Gorgeous dresses just got cheaper!! 

I can't wait to wear my dress out all I need is a special occasion… Sugar Hut anyone?!

The Sugar Hut Honey's wear Style Me Celeb
Suthin for the honey's... Sugar Hut Honey's wear Style Me Celeb!
If you’re looking to buy the hottest new dresses then try Style Me Celeb.

Have you ordered from Style Me Celeb? 

How was your experience & more importantly what did you buy??!!

(c) Images used with permission from Style Me Celeb.

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  1. I read your post on Celeb Boutique & I'm still looking to buy a dress for my 21st but I had never heard of Style Me Celeb. Can't wait to look at their site. I hope I find something.

  2. My dress was absolutely amazing. You won't be disappointed. Don't forget to use the discount code!

  3. <3 Miranda Kerr she's gorg in everything, not sure Kim K will be able to pull that off for much longer! Your dress is stunning, I love AVA though... you're not helping my shopping addiction in any way lol x

  4. I am sooo getting Ava, I nearly bought it today but I left my CC at home! I love shopping!! What would us bloggers do without it eh??!

  5. You ordered a gorgeous dress there Amanda, you'll be stunning! I don't think I'll be fitting into a bandage dress anytime soon what with the pregnancy and all but perhaps in the summer after my getting back to fitness regime! So great that you got next day delivery too. Enjoy your new goodie :) xo

  6. Hi Fiona,

    Can't wait to see pictures of your little baby & it wont' be long before your in a bandage dress. Hot mama!!

  7. Great post with some hot hot hot dresses! I cant get away with anything like this - I need to lose weight first - but now I know where to get a lovely dress from! Thank you honey


  8. Wow, these are some sexy dresses that I could never get away with! If I lose weight and feel brave then maybe I will try one one day! I bet you look hot in your outfit Amanda!


  9. Thanks allthatslap, I bet you could 'work' it! Lol

  10. Amazing dress! I want it too *drools* I am definitely hitting up that website for a browse.
    Great post xx

  11. Oooh come back & tell me what you buy!

  12. That dress you order is soo pretty! Im defiantly going to look on the site! :D
    Sofia x

  13. Thanks Sofia, they have some gorgeous dresses. If you buy something let me know!


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