First Dates


Couple on a date

Who’s dating at the moment?

Step inside for my first date tips.

It’s always a tricky one when asking someone out for a first date. 

What do you do?

For me on a first date there is no right & wrong thing to organize - you just need to play it by ear & see what the other person is into. 

I personally don’t like to go out for drinks for a first date. There can be a tendency to drink too much plus I think it lacks inventiveness. And don't even get me started on coffee dates. Men have no idea how much 'prep' time still goes into a women getting ready for a coffee date. I have no time to get all MAC'd up for a Cafe Latte & a dry croissant. But what one women/man despises another one might love - know your date.

Central Perk, Coffee Dates
Kill me now!
In general if you're dating invest a bit of time looking for the perfect restaurant/bar's for dates. At the drop of a hat I can name at least 5-10 great restaurants & bars that are date friendly just in case he needs a little help.

Men need help??! Yes, sometimes they need a little help. But let me make this clear - I don't want to be the man. 

That's his business & he needs to handle it.

Julie Andrews, Victor/Victoria
Fierce look
I love unusual date idea's. Recently a guy asked me to go to a cage fighting dinner - I couldn't go as I already had a date but I liked the inventiveness of it. Other great idea's include cocktail making lessons or maybe a one off Thai cooking class where you get to eat what you cooked afterwards.

These dates combine two great things food/drink & a lot of laughs, so when you see those Groupon/Living Social deals - grab one. These deals are normally valid for a few months & if you don't get a date then take a friend.

Groupon special offers
Afternoon Tea with bubbly or Cooking lessons deals
No-no’s for first dates include paying for the meal with a coupon or 2-4-1 meal offers. If he can’t get some ££$$ together to take you out to dinner then he needs to not be asking your azzzz out. There are plenty of moderately priced restaurants out there or inventive things you can do if he is low in the pocket.

When your on your date make sure you listen to how he talks about his previous relationship. If he talks trash about his ex - you know damn well how he's going to be talking about you in the future. 

I'm no feminist but I don't want to hear him trash talking his ex. No real gentleman or in fact real woman would do this. Keep it moving.

Couple first date enjoying themselves
Things are going well...
So, what if he's talking about his ex waaaaaaaaaaaay to much? 

He may just be a over sharer. But if you think that he's still in love with her then enjoy your night out but at the end of the date leave it there. You maybe wrong or you can spend the next few months trying to fill her boots. It doesn't matter how fantastic you are, let him get over her first & then he can call you for that second date.

My last thoughts on first dates?

Dutch Clogs
I do not do Dutch!
Unless you wear clogs don’t go Dutch. The person who asks for the date pays but always stand a round or two of drinks – this is just good manners.

Do you like first dates or does the thought of going out with a complete stranger scare the bejesus out of you?

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