Learning How To Drive


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In the last year I decided to learn how to drive.

Yes, that’s right at the ripe age of 19+21 it was time to get some wheels.

Being a girly girl the first thing I decided on was what car I was going to get once I passed. This was essential to keeping me motivated!

Automatic or manual?

I've actually had lessons in both types of cars.... but no changing gears or clutch control???!!!

Automatic it is!! I'm sooo done with changing gears!

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Clueless Indeed!
Finding an automatic driving instructor in the Cardiff/Vale area was not easy. There's little choice but I imagine in bigger cities there's loads. The price for automatic lessons are a smidge more expensive than manual at around £22. Some people say the price of lessons are more expensive as its quicker to learn in automatic than manual. 

Whilst finding a driving instructor was difficult - finding one that could get me to pass was even harder!  Fast forward 8 months & 5 driving instructors later I found Chris - 07742 136769. Brilliant instructor, friendly, knowledgeable & he drives an auto mini.


I worked hard for about 6 weeks with up to 2 double lessons a week. I've failed 3 times before and spent a lot of time & money getting to this point (that's why I've had to cut back on blogging) but I would not give up.

I'm glad I stuck at it as 2 week's ago I passed!!

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I’m dead chuffed to have passed– driving that Mini gave me life!

After I passed my test I went to work, looked at potential cars in the evening & had a little tipple to celebrate.

Champers of course!

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Learning to drive was challenging but now it seems choosing a car is almost as difficult!

Watch this space and I'll let you know what I bought :)

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  1. Congrats! This is very motivating. .I failed 3 times and I'm going to pass this year.


    1. Jess, I remember talking to you on Twitter about it. Try automatic if you can. I passed on my 4th time so I know you can do it.


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