Top 10 Tips for Dating Online


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Just after Christmas is the busiest time of year for dating sites as more relationships break down over the Christmas period.

Being an aficionado of break-ups and dating sites here’s my top ten tips for dating online

1. Be Fabulous!!

Choose a recent up-to-date fabulous pictures featuring you solo - not too serious or too sexy. That picture should be a recent picture unless your one of ageless like Angela Bassett! You need at least 4 pics & they should include a full body shot - men are visual creatures and they love to see your figure. 

American Horror Story Coven, Angela Bassett, Sexy Older Ladies, Black Actress
Ms Angela Basset is 55!
2. Be Adventurous!

Choose a great dating name. If you’re statuesque why not play with it? Like ‘AmazonionChick’ or 'Legs11’ - see what you come up with before deciding but keep it clean - remember people you know may see your profile.

3. Be Witty!

Make your profile fun & witty but try and be honest about what you’re looking for without be boring or negative. If you’re a sporty chick who loves big muscly fit guys it’s much better to say ‘ I love a man who looks after himself & can give The Rock a run for his money’ than ‘NO lardy bum couch potatoes’. And if your a high maintenance chick that only dates ballers than change the 'no broke azz man wanted' line for  'looking for a man at the top of his game who will stop at nothing to get the very best'.

The Rock, Online Dating, Men's Profile Pics Online Dating, Romance
The world's smallest pants
4. Be Truthful!

Narrow down your search criteria and be honest about what you are looking for & when filling out your profile tell the truth.  Don't go crazy though - it's the internet! Yu will want to keep somethings to yourself because of safety reasons like exactly where you live and the company you work for . And ladies you don’t have to put your exact weight down but if you know you’re plus size not size 0 then don't put slim.

5. Be Realistic!

Long distance dating is fine if you’re prepared to travel or else it’s a waste of everyone’s time. Write ‘local only’ & if you’re a newbie do not fall for the ‘my offices are opening in your town soon’ line. When he’s moved then he can get in touch.

Sleepless in Seattle, Long Distance Dating, Online Dating, Dating, Romantic Films, Rom Coms
Long distance is great.... in movies
6. Be Ready!

Online Dating should be used as a stepping stone to meet in the real world. Do not chat to a man more than 5 or 6 times without him asking you out. There are some people who are online for just the chat – don’t let them waste your time and prevent you from meeting someone great with their inane chit chat.

7. Be Feisty!

If anyone says something that you feel  uncomfortable with then either block them or tear them a new one.

Wilhemina Slater, Strong Woman, Online Dating
Remember - you won't like everyone
8. Be Selective!

Don’t date separated guys – either you’re married or your single - it's not difficult. Don't bother with men who won't display their picture on the site - their azz is up to no good.

9. Be Determined!

You have to wade through a lot of profiles and bad emails until you meet someone. You will probably go on more bad dates than good ones. Sometimes you will go on a great date or dates and then he'll pull a Houdini on you leaving you frustrated & thinking 'WTF??!!'. But persevere - he is out there..... somewhere

10. Be Happy!

Have fun & enjoy it!

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