Shrinking Violet Body Review At Ice Body Sculpting Cardiff


December is the month to dig out the little black dress and show the world how fabulous you look.

Alas if you’re like me it always gets to November for me to realize that my body could do with being a little bit tinier for that fabulous dress I’ve just tried to squeeze myself into.

With this is mind I set off to Ice Body Sculpting in Cardiff for a Shrinking Violet Body wrap the body wrap that celebs have been going crazy for.

The Shrinking Violet Oil is a blend of botanicals & lecithen. The oil is massaged into the body and the oil works by using Lipolysis a process that binds & breaks down fat cells. Your body naturally dispels the fat through your lymphatic system. NO muss no fuss.

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Weapons of Choice
Before this fabulous treatment could begin I was measured all over so the results could be compared afterwards.

All measured up! Let the treatment begin!

Next up I had a quick rub down with a body brush & then Nerys rubbed the Shrinking Violet oil all over my body and wrapped me in special spa wrap film.

Ice Body Sculpting, Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, Celebrity Body Wraps, WAG treatments, Inch Loss Treatment,
Doing my best mummy impression
Now as you can see this is not an attractive look but I felt myself getting slimmer already.

I hobbled up onto the beauty bed where a nice warming blanket was ready to keep me toastie and warm. Nerys wrapped me up in the towels and left me to day dream of smooth gorgeous thin thighs for about an hour.

When my time was up I was cut out of my new plastic suit and re-measured.

I lost an staggering 20.5 cm which is equivalent to 8 inches all over on the initial day and then when I re-measured myself 3 days later I lost another 3 inches taking my total loss to a stonking 11 inches.

I love the Shrinking Violet wrap & I can see why so many celebs & people are go ga-ga over it.

The results are near enough instant and if you have a LBD/ bride/bridesmaid dress that you need a little help getting into this is really going to help. I really love this as treat day for a bride & matron of honour/mother of the bride treat or how about a girly spa day out?

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is just £50 or if you fancy booking it for two of you its £40pp or for lots of inches off £145 for course of 3 sessions!!

So pleased with my inch loss now of course I just need to find the perfect LBD!
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  1. I've often wondered about these and if they really work - it is great to hear the real results from someone amazing! x

  2. Goodness that is impressive. I was a bit concerned from the title that it was a chilly treatment! Glad to hear otherwise. ;-)

  3. Wow, I wondered if these sorts of treatments live up to hype and it sounds like they do! It's always nice to have a bit of pampering pre-party season! xx

  4. I've always wondered about these and what the outcome is, I am happier to find out more information from reading your review, thanks :D x

  5. Wow now this is really impressive! I love the sound of the entire treatment and the inch loss is an added bonus x

  6. Oh wow - that is an amazing amount of inches to lose! Perfect for a special Christmas 'do' and new dress! I might look into it, thank you. Kaz x

  7. Sounds great. I one of these to try at home. Yet to review it. Can't wait now. Lol.

  8. These wraps fascinate me. You got fantastic results, it's nice to read a review from a real person and not the person selling the treatments.

  9. wow that is amazing! I've heard lots about this particular place and I was interested in the ice freezing there. I'd be interested to know whether your inches stayed off?

  10. What an amazing loss! I had no idea things like this worked so well!

  11. Thank you for such a glowing body wrap review. Modern inch loss wraps really are a delight and work by lipolysis rather than dehydration. We are offering a FREE FACIAL worth £25 with all wrap bookings during December. On line booking available

    Alice @ Ice Body Sculpting

  12. HOLY COW!
    I need to try this - I have a holy booked for Feb and need to loose ALOT off my tummy *blushes*
    Thanks so much for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  13. OMG! I have to try one of these! 11 inches that is pretty amazing how long does it last for?


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